Grid Connected Solar Power


Hybrid Solar Power

Hybrid solar PV systems generate power in the same way as grid-connected solar PV systems but use a hybrid inverter(s) and batteries to store energy to levelise the cost of electricity. Hybrid systems can be designed using a string inverter or micro-inverters.

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Off-grid Solar Power

An off-grid power solar PV system supplies electricity to a property that is not connected to the public electricity network. It is often referred to as a ‘stand-alone power system’ and functions as an independent power station.

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Commercial Solar Power

Wauchope Solar has provided grid-connected solar PV solutions to over 20 commercial customers in Wauchope and Port Macquarie. These installations range in size from 10 Kilowatts to 99 Kilowatts with a total installed capacity of several megawatts.

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Electric Vehicles Chargers

Stuart Watson – Wauchope Solar founder, and now consultant – has a great interest in sustainable transport from bicycles to boats. Stuart sees the great synergy between solar power and electric vehicle transport and promotes over-sizing solar installations to provide cheap fossil free sustainable transport.

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