Grid Connected Solar Power

Since 2008, Wauchope Solar has provided grid-connected solar PV solutions to over 700 customers on the Mid North Coast of NSW and Lord Howe Island. From small household systems designed to offset your daily energy usage, to 100 kW commercial systems on large roof spaces, we provide a full yield prediction and ongoing service to the systems we install.

We prefer to supply award winning REC solar panels and, as accredited REC professional installers, we can offer a 25-year warranty on REC products as well as a 25 year output guarantee (83% of output at end of year 25).

Choosing an inverter technology is the most critical decision you'll make when going solar. Our preferred inverter for string systems is Fronius, although we can also provide SMA inverters. We also supply and install Enphase micro-inverters, which are particularly suited to situations where periodic shading is an issue or when systems may need to be expanded in the future. Fronius and Enphase are recognised as world leading products. The warranty period for each of these inverters is listed below.

Modern Fronius, Enphase and SMA inverters are Wi-Fi enabled so that you can view the performance of your system and your electricity consumption in real time via an online portal. For older inverters without Wi-Fi capability (pre-2014), we offer a monitoring solution using Australian-developed Solar Analytics. This system utilises a Solar Smart Monitor installed in your meter box and connected to the 4G mobile network to transmit real-time production and consumption data to an online portal.


REC Panels – 20 +5 year product warranty, 25 year linear power output warranty

Fronius inverters – 5 plus 5 years manufacturer’s warranty

Enphase microinverters – 10 years limited warranty

Enphase Envoy (S-metered) – 5 years limited warranty

Solar Analytics – 5 years warranty

Wauchope Solar – 2-year workmanship warranty


Residential Solar Power

As of April 2020, Wauchope Solar has installed over 3 megawatts of grid-connected solar PV systems to residential customers on the Mid-North Coast of NSW. These installations range in size, depending on electricity usage.

Prior to installation we will analyse your recent electricity bill and conduct a site inspection. We also offer the federal government rebate at market rates as a point-of-sale discount – explained below.

Under the federal Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme, each photovoltaic system (under 100kW) qualifies for a certain number of solar credits. These credits are provided in the form of tradable certificates called small-scale technology certificates (STCs). The number of STCs generated for a PV system depends on the total wattage of panels installed. It is important to note that the price of STCs fluctuates according to market conditions. Wauchope Solar offers a point-of-sale discount for each PV system equivalent to the total value of STCs generated.


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