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Wauchope Solar has installed and serviced over 4,500kW of small and medium scale domestic and commercial photo voltaic power systems (grid-connected, Hydro, hybrid and off-grid). We only provide quality systems and every job is completed by our small team from the site inspection to the installation. We are always happy to provide after-sales service, including support with online monitoring.

Wauchope Solar Clean Energy Council (CEC) Certified installer accreditation is held by Stuart Watson (A4756106) and Zac Monkley (33329463). This means that you can feel confident that your system will be safely installed by a qualified professional.

Our Services

Renewable energy and alternate energy for over 30 years

Grid Connected Solar Power

Wauchope Solar has provided grid-connected solar PV solutions to over 700 customers on the Mid North Coast of NSW and Lord Howe Island. From small household systems designed to offset your daily energy use, to 100 kW commercial systems on large roof spaces.

Hybrid Solar Power

Hybrid solar PV systems generate power in the same way as grid-connected solar PV systems but use a hybrid inverter(s) and batteries to store energy to levelise the cost of electricity. Hybrid systems can be designed using a string inverter or micro-inverters.

Off-grid Solar Power

An off-grid power solar PV system supplies electricity to a property that is not connected to the public electricity network. It is often referred to as a ‘stand-alone power system’ and functions as an independent power station.

Commercial Solar Power

Wauchope Solar has provided grid-connected solar PV solutions to over 20 commercial customers in Wauchope and Port Macquarie. These installations range in size from 10 Kilowatts to 99 Kilowatts with a total installed capacity of several megawatts.

Heat Pump Hot Water & Solar Pumping

Heating water using electricity derived from the burning of fossil fuels represents the biggest single source of greenhouse gas emissions in an average Australian household (if you don't count the car). This pollution cost is not realised on your bill as the off-peak tariff is sold at a reduced rate.

Electric Vehicles Chargers

Stuart Watson - Wauchope Solar founder, and now consultant - has a great interest in sustainable transport from bicycles to boats. Stuart sees the great synergy between solar power and electric vehicle transport and promotes over-sizing solar installations to provide cheap fossil free sustainable transport.

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At Wauchope Solar we only supply the best in solar power and renewable energy products.
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