Heat Pump Hot Water & Solar Pumping

Solar Hot Water

Heating water using electricity derived from the burning of fossil fuels represents the biggest single source of greenhouse gas emissions in an average Australian household (if you don’t count the car). This pollution cost is not realised on your bill as the off-peak tariff is sold at a reduced rate.

Solar hot water systems can dramatically reduce a household’s dependency on fossil fuels. Wauchope Solar has installed and maintained hundreds of evacuated tube solar hot water systems since 2006.

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A Reclaim Energy CO2 Heat Pump Hot Water System uses less energy when compared to conventional electric and gas water heaters and generates a higher thermal output for a given energy input. It’s time to upgrade and take advantage of massive savings on your future energy bills and contribute to a cleaner world.

  • Reduce energy costs and create environmentally friendly hot water all year round
  • 80% energy savings – up to 5 times more efficient than conventional water heaters
  • Australian designed for Australian conditions
  • Custom system that can be programmed to meet family needs and changing seasons
  • Built-in frost, freeze, and legionella control
  • Warranty

Reclaim Energy is committed to energy efficiency and developing systems that help people live more sustainable lives. Our CO2 Heat Pump Hot Water System is a result of this commitment. An innovative, intelligent and customised environmentally sustainable hot water solution that helps people save money and achieve a more sustainable lifestyle.

Under the federal Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme, solar hot water systems qualify for a set number of solar credits. These credits are provided in the form of tradable certificates called small-scale technology certificates (STCs). The number of STCs generated for a solar hot water system depends on the model installed. It is important to note that the price of STCs fluctuates according to market conditions. Wauchope Solar offers an up-front discount for each hot water system equivalent to the total value of STCs generated.

We use local plumber Jason Roods (License 2738236) to install and service the products we sell. Jason has been working with Wauchope Solar for over 10 years and prides himself on his workmanship. Call us for a quote.

Combining the system with your PV system (Solar Power System) only enhances the reduction in energy consumption and costs. The Reclaim Energy CO2 Heat Pump with an average of 3 kWh electric input for a 315 L hot water delivery (i.e., as opposed to 15 kWh electric input requirement of electric element tanks for 315 L hot water delivery) is like having a virtual battery for your home. It is designed to consume excess PV during peak sun hours to maximise savings and take advantage of the energy already created rather than exporting it back to the grid.

A Smart Controller puts the control in your hands and ensures that the Reclaim Energy CO2 Heat Pump Hot Water System provides a highly efficient, low operating cost hot water solution. The controller allows the customisation of how and when the hot water system works.

  • 4 pre-set options including PV operational window (i.e., 10 am-4 pm) together with an option 5 with two operational windows allows you to minimise and match your hot water production with your consumption and minimising your hot water costs
  • Single shot boost – providing all the hot water needed on demand
  • Off peak management ensures running costs are kept to a minimum
  • Continuous hot water with a set and forget feature

Solar Pumps

Widely used on farms and outback stations in Australia to supply bore water to livestock, solar powered water bore pumps provide an ideal water delivery solution in areas where mains electricity is not easily accessed. A typical solar powered pumping system consists of a solar panel array that powers an electric motor, which in turn powers a bore or surface pump. The water is often pumped from the ground or dam into a storage tank that provides a gravity feed, so energy storage is not needed for these systems. PV powered pumping systems are a cost-effective alternative to agricultural wind turbines for remote area water supply.

Wauchope Solar can supply solar bore and dam pumps. To provide you with an accurate quote, we require the following information:

  • Daily water required: litres
  • Horizontal distance from pump to tank: metres
  • Delivery pipe type & diameter: millimetres
  • Vertical rise from water to surface: metres
  • Vertical rise from surface to top of tank: metres
  • If bore or well, what is total depth: metres
  • Diameter of bore casing: millimetres
  • Are auto cut-off switches required? Yes / No

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